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Founded in 1965, SCCPA is comprised of licensed psychologists, registered psychological assistants, graduate psychology students, and other professionals affiliated with the mental health field. We are the third largest of 23 chapters of the California Psychological Association (CPA), which is a state chapter of the American Psychological Association (APA).

SCCPA is dedicated to advancing the science and profession of psychology; promoting the ethical, responsible, and effective practice of psychology; providing education, networking, and support among psychologists; and offering our diverse community an array of educational and mental health services.

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Update on August 19th SCCPA Meeting with Senator Jim Beall's Staff

A few SCCPA members met with Jonathan Perez, Sr. District Rep. (Labor area) @ Sen. Jim Beall’s district Office today (Aug 19).  In attendance from SCCPA were (L-R):  Drs. Jessica Byrd-Olmstead, Jeffrey Becker, Azadeh Weber, Jonathan Perez of Sen Beall's office, Drs. Francis Abueg and I.

We introduced ourselves, our areas of work and shared who SCCPA was and how it related to CPA.  We also discussed AB 5 (Gonzalez) impact on areas of practice for psychologists including contracted adjunct teaching & supervision, forensic evaluators & group practices, SUD treatment, foreseeable organization/programs' increase administrative costs to hire providers onto staff, adverse impact on patient care from HMO  independent contracts with private practitioners in order to meet the mental health care demands from their members, restriction/
elimination of flexibility for parents to care for their families and the risk of talent drain from psychologists who do not want to be employees.  We also shared that SCCPA members volunteered to assist the Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services Department in response to the shooting in Gilroy.

Mr. Perez wondered and recommended for SCCPA and CPA to speak with the bill sponsor and organized labor backing this bill to consider the wider, unforeseen and adverse impact on a wide range of not only health professionals but those in other fields (e.g.:  travel consultants, trucking, etc.).  This bill originated as a result of the drivers in the gig-economy and debate whether they were independent contractors or employees of these ridesharing companies.  One hope would be for the bill sponsor(s) to consider this to be a 2 yr bill to better work out the kinks/exceptions on this broad sweeping bill.  Mr. Perez also invited us to be aware of some Senator Beall's current bills including SB 5 Building Affordable and Inclusive Communities, SB 10 Peer Provider Certification, SB 12 Youth Mental Health Drop-In Centers, and SB 582 School-Based Mental Health Partnerships.

Thank you to Dr. Weber for scheduling the visit today, Drs. Abueg, Becker and Byrd-Olmstead for joining in the visit today. 

We hope to see and have other SCCPA members join us in the future on our collective efforts to advocate and protect psychologists' practice.  If you wondered why it is important to join our professional organizations locally and statewide... AB 5 (Gonzalez) is just one reason!

SCCPA Strong!

Jorge Wong, Ph. D.
SCCPA President







Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Winner of the 2019 CPA Award for Outstanding Chapter


On behalf of the California Psychological Association (CPA), we are pleased to inform you that your Chapter has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 CPA Award for Outstanding Chapter. This award honors the CPA affiliate chapter that demonstrates exceptional service to its members and to the profession of psychology, and that contributes to the health of CPA, as the state psychological association.

On behalf of CPA and the Nominations, Elections and Awards Committee we extend a heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you for your contribution to CPA and our congratulations on being selected for this award. 

New Member  Incentives & Member Specials

The SCCPA Board and particularly our Membership Director, Dr. Beverly Floresca, would like to announce a whole slew of new membership incentives and specials (see below). We know that you, as members, love SCCPA. We would like to spread the love this year to as many psychologists and mental health professionals as possible this year. We are a social activism engine this year, standing up for the rights of humans in Santa Clara County and beyond. We love the enthusiasm we are receiving and the participation level of members who want to be involved in myriad ways such as:

 Marching in protest marches that align with our values of protecting human rights and the psychological welfare of all.

  • Volunteering to provide pro-bono therapy to Spanish speakers
  • Volunteering to provide pro-bono therapy to veterans, victims of the recent shootings, fires and other traumatic events
  • Participating in phone banks
  • Volunteering to be part of expert panels on gun violence and mental illness
  • Interfacing with community agencies that provide help to targeted individuals and groups

And on and on…

Of course, not everyone is into the social activism aspect. Here are some of the member benefits you love the most:

  • Our list serve- We discuss topics of interest, pose ethical questions, ask our colleagues for referrals to other professionals and treatment options and receive referrals from our colleagues.
  • Our professional CE workshops-keeping us up to date and tuned in to what is in the spotlight in the profession of psychology
  • The monthly Professionals Book club
  • Our myriad of social events and networking events to meet and interact with colleagues
  • The chance to be part of our many professional committees
  • Our top-notch newsletter-The opportunity to read and contribute our written articles and other works.
  • Fill in your personal favorite that I am forgetting


SCCPA is a thriving community! If you would like to encourage your colleagues to join us, here are some great membership offers:


  • Any SCCPA member who refers someone to be a new member to SCCPA will get $100 off the SCCPA workshop of their choice. For this special, have the new member enter Workshop100.
  • The new member you refer will get half off of the membership fee for the first year of their membership.


  • New student members can join SCCPA for free if they join a SCCPA Committee. Have them useStudentsROCK as the promo code when they register.


  • Anyone that works for a Non-Profit serving the Santa Clara County community who has never been a member of SCCPA before can join for half price for the first year. Use AGENCY50as the promo code. This includes all levels of membership.
  • FULL MEMBER: Holder of a doctorate in psychology or an equivalent degree, or a psychologist licensed to practice in California. Full Members have all rights and privileges of SCCPA membership including the right to vote and serve on the Board of Directors. Note that Board positions also require CPA membership because SCCPA is a chapter of CPA.  Full members may be eligible to have their profile included in the publicly searchable Find a Psychologist web site feature. Annual fee: $175. For any psychologist staff member of your agency they can now join for $87.50.
  • NEW DOCTORATE MEMBER: Holder of a doctorate in psychology granted three years or less prior to membership. New Doctorate Members enjoy the same rights and privileges as Full Members at a reduced membership fee.  New Doctorate members may be eligible for their profile to be included in the publicly searchable Find a Psychologist web site feature. Annual fee: $95. Currently your staff member can join for the ultra-low first year cost of $47.50
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Holder of a master’s degree in a mental health discipline (e.g., LMFT, LCSW, LPC, etc.) or a related degree (e.g., MD, JD, etc.). Associate Members have all rights and privileges of SCCPA membership except the right to vote or serve on the Board. Associate members are not eligible to have their profile included in the publicly searchable Find a Psychologist web site feature. Annual fee: $100. Currently your staff member can join for $50.00


Local Advocacy Network

Greetings SCCPA colleagues!


Here is an interesting article on how “Doctors And Nurses With Addictions Often Denied A Crucial Recovery Option”. The author supports non-disciplinary programs, in which doctors and nurses enroll for a number of years and are closely monitored by addiction specialists and state authorities as they seek to maintain or restore their medical licenses. But, he says that he is perplexed as to why these programs and other efforts to help health care providers generally do not stress a recovery method that has long been shown to be effective: the use of drugs like buprenorphine and methadone, known as opioid agonists, to relieve cravings.

1.      New Initiatives:

·          New York lawmaker announces bill allowing mental health days for students:

·         Starbucks plans to improve US employees' mental health benefits:

·         City of Berkeley creates mental health crisis hotline:

·         NBA adopts new rules requiring teams to add full-time mental health staff for 2019-2020 season:


2.      Suicide statistics and more

·         One person dies every 40 seconds from suicide, WHO says:  

·         Want To Reduce Suicides? Follow The Data — To Medical Offices, Motels And Even Animal Shelters:

·         Turning crisis into opportunity: Son's death by suicide in college prompts mom's activism:


3.      What new studies or research data are saying 

·         Study Touts Psychotherapy As First-Line Treatment for Youth With Depression:

·         MDMA, Or Ecstasy, Shows Promise As A PTSD Treatment:

·         Most common antidepressant, sertraline, a type of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) barely helps improve depression symptoms, 'shocking' trial in UK finds:

·         How High Heat Can Impact Mental Health:


4.      AB5 signed into law; victory for advocacy efforts of CPA  

·         AB 5 Signed Into Law:

·         Who’s in, who’s out of AB 5?:

·         There will be no deal for gig companies such as Uber and Lyft in the California Legislature this year. California Senate Moves 'Dynamex' Worker Classification Bill Forward Without Deal For Gig Companies:


“A doctor put me on antidepressants about a decade ago. I’ve spent the last year and a half trying to get off of them,” wrote David Lazarus in LA times. In response, the author of Medical Treatment is Not Addiction states “There is a difference between side effects and withdrawal. There is a difference between taking a medication that helps you, even for lengthy periods, and being addicted to it” Continue reading at


And I’d like to leave you with an opinion piece on “How will presidential candidates prioritize mental health in 2020?” by Peggy Huppert, the executive director of NAMI Iowa;


Warm Regards


SCCPA Board member & LAN Rep


SCCPA Photo Policy

By registering for a SCCPA event or workshop, you acknowledge that your photo may be taken while at a SCCPA event.  If you do not want or allow your photo, image, or likeness to be used in SCCPA's marketing including social media, please notify the event organizer.